Many our customers report about slowness in website working after basic website installation. We decided to write this article to briefly explain how things are done in WP.

Firstly let's explain which factors have an effect on your site's load speed? Here is the list of them:

  • WordPress caching
  • Theme optimization
  • Images optimization
  • Web server performance

WordPress caching. Out of the box, WP comes without any caching implemented. Each page load produces tons of queries to a database. Many query results are the same during the long period of time(for example until you'll post something new). Such results can be cached in the memory or on the disk to reduce a load on the database. To turn this kind of optimization you need to use some caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super cache.

Another important part of website performance is Images optimization. When you upload some image to your website you should look for the sizes. For example, you're going to use some image in the slider which has dimensions 1280×500 – it is redundant to include there a 1500×900 image. Also, images usually contain many EXIF and other metadata which can be stripped to save the space. WP Smush plugin can help you with this.

Also, we recommend you do not be greedy on the good web hosting because even with all caches turned on – slow web server won't run fast. Also, some features like Memcache(which is used to store "hot" database and object cache data) is not available on cheap hosts.

That was a basic information to let you know which things can slow down your website. For more details on this topic please refer next article:

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