Some time ago we started to ship our themes with Health-Check module that automatically checks your server's settings for compatibility with theme. This will help you avoid unexpected errors in future and guarantees a proper theme work in most cases.

So, what to do when you see error from Health-Check module? Firstly, you need to notice that this message is visible only for site administrators, regular users will see theme as-is(this made to avoid break of working site after upgrade or migration to other server).

Secondly, there is two options:

  • Follow requirements. Tune your PHP settings, change rights for needed directories or upgrade PHP version on your host. if you having troubles with some step – contact your hosting support, they should help you.
  • you can disable health-checker completely, but in this case proper work of theme is not guaranteed

So, if you decided to ignore this module, simply open file functions.php from theme directory and set there "WPH_{THEME_SHORT_NAME}_IGNORE_HEALTH_CHECKER" constant to "true", like this:

Theme Checker disable


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