You can use Visual Composer's build-in animation system, but it is not available for some elements. Our solution works with any element that haves "Extra classes" field in it's settings.

So, to add animation to an element pick it in Visual Composer and open it's settings window. For example, this is settings window for built-in "Text block" element:

Text block settings window

There you can add some extra CSS classes to the element. Type wow in this field. This will enable animation engine for an element.

Next, you need to tell engine which animation it should perform. List of all available animations –

Also, you can enable sequenced animation mode. Add sequenced class and type animation name with "fx-" prefix. In this mode elements will appear in sequence instead at once.

Complete examples:

  • wow fadeIn
  • wow zoomIn
  • wow sequenced fx-fadeIn
  • wow sequenced fx-zoomIn

Once you did this – save settings and see results. All done.

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